Private Certifiers
  • Last updated:
  • 18 Nov 2018

For existing customers:

  • Select + Add existing applications to your list which is located on the Applications tile
  • Enter a valid application number you have previously submitted in the Reference number field
  • Enter your Date of Birth
  • Click Verify.

Provided you have used an existing number you will gain access to the private certifier applications, this can be confirmed by selecting + Submit a new application which is located on the Applications tile. In MyCouncil Services, the Private Certifier Applications menu will be available on the left hand side with a Submit and Search option.

For new customers:

  • Select + Submit a new application which is located on the Applications tile
  • Read, then tick to agree to the terms and conditions and select Continue
  • Select Click here (located at the top banner) to request access to lodge your private certifier application
  • Enter any further information about your required access into the eRequest and select Submit.

Note: Only verified business users who are building certifiers can lodge private certifier building applications. Applications attached to customer eRequests will not be accepted.

Depending on the building application stage, you can use either the Submit or Search options under the Private Certifier Applications menu.

Submit is used only for notice of engagement.

Search is used for:

  • Viewing applications submitted
  • Lodging documents
  • Additional documents i.e. amendments
  • Final certificates, including certificate of classifications
  • Change of builder updates
  • Discontinuations, including lapsing
  • Change of approvals.

 Refer to the private certifier help page for further information.